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Who are we?
wellb is your guide to dozens of wellness modalities. wellb designs wellness experiences just for you. Be it through yoga, pilates, acupuncture or personal training, we promote healthy lifestyles by enabling access to a range of wellness services. Our premier wellness experts are accessible in your home/office, online or in a wellness center, in New York and Brooklyn. We've screened hundreds of practitioners, so we can assemble the best wellness practitioner for you.

What types of services are on offer?
Our one stop holistic wellness platform, offers a variety of services: services that HEAL like acupuncture, physical therapy or reiki , sessions that make you MOVE like pilates, yoga or core training, some that will open your MIND such as crystal healing, sound therapy or breathwork, and those that can get you to RELAX like massage, aromatherapy, mindfulness and more. You can view a full list of modalities.

Cancellation and refunds policy
Sessions that were booked on wellb may be cancelled at any time. However, only cancellations that were done by 6pm on the day before the day of a session will warrant a full refund.

Can I cancel or change my subscription?
You can cancel or change your subscription any time prior to one day before the next billing cycle.

Who are the wellness practitioners on wellb?
All our practitioners are  screened and interviewed by us. Each wellness practitioner has to be at least 21 year old, present qualifications certificates, and an adequate liability insurance policy (if required by law for their field).

How are payments done? Does wellb keep credit cards information?
Payments may be done with credit cards only. We use ReCharge to handle your subscriptions and Braintree, (a division of PayPal, Inc.), to process all payments. wellb does not keep any credit cards details.

Locations of services
We are in Manhattan and Brooklyn for now. We are working on expanding to additional major wellness cities across the USA.

Where do sessions take place?
Sessions may take place at the wellness practitioners location, or at your location home/office or online.

I want to complain about a session. How do I do that?
We’re sorry to hear that. Please email us at: complaints@wellb.me.

How do I let the wellness practitioner know of a physical condition I have before the session?
Our wellness expert will contact you to arrange each session and find out any physical condition/disabilities you have. The wellness practitioner will be updated on it prior to the session.

Do I need to add Tax or Tip?
Tax on certain treatment are required by law. We took care of it and all prices include taxes. Tip you can add personality to your wellness provider as you wish. 18% is customary.
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