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Looking for a way to restore your work-life balance, eat healthier, or detox from your stressful life? We’ve created for you a holistic all-in-one platform with all the wellness services you can dream of.

Explore, choose and book a session/provider to guide you each step of the way to a healthier lifestyle.

Work with our trusted, hand-picked and verified wellness providers, who know the benefits of incorporating wellness into your life.

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Avital Scharf


Avital Scharf, Founder and CEO

Avital Scharf brings many years of entrepreneurial experience. Avital is passionate about making personalized wellness services accessible. She specializes in exploring international markets (USA, China) in high-tech and design sectors. Avital holds a B.A. in Hebrew Literature and General Studies from Tel Aviv University and an M.A. in Communications and Public Relations from N.Y. Institute of Technology.



Tommer Kahan


Tommer Kahan, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer

Tommer Kahan is wellb’s Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer. An entrepreneur and inventor in diverse fields, focusing on mobile solutions, green energy and educational toys, Tommer brings innovation, business savvy and marketing experience to wellb. He holds an LL.B, a B.A. in I.T. Management and an M.B.A from the Interdisciplinary Center - Herzliya. 



Maria Gutierrez, Community Outreach Manager

Maria Gutierrez has been a wellness influencer for over 20 years. Her career began at NYC’s Mt. Sinai Medical Center followed by serving as Operations Manager at The Edgar Cayce Center. Her passion for volunteering and helping people heal through holistic measures brought her to wellb, she creates programs for practitioners, organizations and corporations.



Howard Hunt


Howard Hunt, Marketing Director

Howard chose a career in digital marketing and has been connecting people with brands they love for 15 years. He has lived around the world from New Zealand to Hong Kong and the United States. A keen yogi and meditator, Howard is passionate about the role that technology can play in helping us achieve our human potential.